Ep 1: Where Will Your Income Come From In Retirement?

The Direction:

On the first episode of Rethinking Retirement with Marvin Mitchell, Marvin will introduce you to the new podcast, tell you a little about his firm, and explore one of the central retirement planning questions about where you’ll get your income.

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What You’ll Learn On This Episode:

Is your advisor looking at the big picture with you when it comes to your financial plan? Are they guiding you through decisions like when to take Social Security or what to expect with future taxes? Do you have a fear of the future? What are your financial concerns and anxieties? Your advisor should have a good understanding of what keeps you up at night.

Do you know where your income in retirement will come from? It’s vital that you have an income plan. What is your typical spending? In retirement, what does your daily life consist of? From a golfing hobby or shopping sprees to travel plans and family needs, you may be surprised to find out just how much you need in retirement income.

How can you meet all of your goals without running out of money? Have you planned for inflation as well? What about taxes? You have to have a spending plan–a written plan. Have you devised a plan that works for you?


1:00 – Who is Marvin Mitchell?

2:26 – Most people are not able to retire before age 65.

4:35 – Why did we start this podcast?

5:12 – Where will my income come from?

7:38 – Get clarity on how much you spend in retirement.

9:27 – You need to have a spending plan.

Featured Takeaway:

“I became a financial advisor to make sure, in memory of my grandmother, I help people retire and stay retired with dignity.” – Marvin Mitchell

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