Free Safe Growth Investor's Kit for Baby Boomers [Instant Download]

Discover how to never lose money due to market decline.


The 5 Myths Wall Street likes to tell investors (even after 2008!)


Understand the 4 types of fees (and how to tell if your advisor is cheating you!).


Escape the Wall Street “Casino” and enjoy a stable, peaceful, retirement.

The Safe Growth Kit Includes 
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How to Never Lose Money Due to Market Decline

Stop following the herd and gambling with your nest egg like everyone else. Don’t let another market crash rob you of your future!

Are you tired of worrying that you may run out of money in retirement? Unless you read this you have good reason to worry (sorry!).

It’s possible to have guaranteed income for life even if the market takes another nose-dive and this guide will show you how.

How to follow Warren Buffett's two Rules to retirement investment success: Rule #1: Never Lose Money. Rule #2: Never Forget Rule #1!


The 5 Myths Wall Street Likes To Tell Investors (Even After 2008!)


Beware of these myths… they can devastate your retirement portfolio!
“Don’t worry, the market always bounces back.” (Does it? Or is this Wall Street’s way of keeping you invested?)
Wall Street’s definition of “diversification”: have money in 15 different mutual funds or stocks. In 2008 all 15 places lost money. Is that really diversification?  
How to find out if you’re being duped by your advisor by taking a closer look at the “normal” fees they’re charging you. 


Finally answers those nagging questions you’ve had about your advisor’s “advice” and if it’s really in your best interest.
Find a better way to protect your retirement against market loss and still get a reasonable rate of return when it goes up.
Escape the Wall Street Casino and all the financial advisors and firms who will gladly gamble with your money and future!
Know the products that wealthy investors and advisors own (sadly, it’s not always what they’re selling their. 
Figure out once and for all how to never run out of money in retirement -- regardless of what happens on Wall Street!



1. Free Guide:

2. Special Report:

How Investment Fees Can Destroy Your Retirement
“It’s ok, these fees are normal.” (No. It’s NOT ok if these excessive fees are draining your account and not helping you prosper!). Get the facts on fees!
The truth about “Load Fees” and the lie stockbrokers tell clients about how it will all come back in 4 to 5 months. Find out the TRUTH about these fees.
“It’s only a 1% fee.” (Yes, so $1,000 a year on a $100k investment. $10,000 over 10 years… imagine what that could have earned you in retirement!).
Straight talk on the 4 main types of investment fees. Once you understand this you can make smarter decisions with your investments and pay less fees.


3. Free Guide:

A 10-Part “Safe Growth” Email Course


A 10-Part Email Course designed to teach you how to rethink your investment strategy so you can make smarter, safer decisions with your money.
Discover the 3 Simple Success Rules: Principal Protection, a Reasonable Rate of Return and Simplicity. Follow these 3 rules and avoid unnecessary risks!
Say goodbye to the Roller Coaster Red Line of Wall Street and instead start riding the Safe Growth Green Line into retirement!
Why my Grandma’s battle with cancer made me a financial advisor (and the reason why I left Wall Street years ago)!


4. Email Course:






Marvin Mitchell is the Founder and CEO of Compass Retirement Solutions, which is among the top 1% of independent retirement planning firms nationwide in terms of size, revenues, new assets, and new clients.
In addition to leading Compass Retirement Solutions, Marvin also hosts Re-Thinking Retirement, a weekly radio show aired Sundays at 7 a.m. on the Big 550 KTRS. He is also a national coach and mentor for financial advisors, and has been a finalist for Retirement Advisor of the Year. 
Through his firm, radio show, and financial workshops—which thousands attend each year—Marvin helps retirees and pre-retirees shield their investments from stock market loss, generate guaranteed income for life, and minimize the taxes owed to the next generation.
Marvin is a St. Louis native and a graduate of Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. In addition to his passion for finances, Marvin is a speaker, coach, and trainer certified by the John Maxwell Company. 
He is an avid supporter in College Bound STL, an organization that provides scholarship to underprivileged teens; The Pink Angels Foundation, which assists women diagnosed with breast cancer; and the National Kidney Foundation. In his spare time, Marvin enjoys traveling to tropical locations, softball, and being involved in his local church.

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