Marvin Mitchell Has the Remedy for Every Financial Disease

Financial diseases are dangerous, and those who’ve already into, or are about to enter into, retirement are especially susceptible to contagion.  These diseases are virulent, aggressive, and deadly to financial health…

…But not incurable.

For those looking to vaccinate themselves against financial misfortune, Compass Retirement Solutions is ready and willing to provide treatment.  


The Disease

Retirees afflicted with “riskopathy” see significant volatility in their portfolio, and that volatility almost always leads to other, more serious financial problems. Now, an important distinction should be made here—risk isn’t of and in itself a problem, so long as it’s consumed in measured amounts. The real problem arises when investors who have a history of risky behavior pre-retirement, fail to kick the habit when they approach retirement.

The Cure

The cure for “riskopathy” is as obvious as it is challenging to do for some investors—take less risk. Use the Rule of One Hundred to determine just how much risk is tolerable. To put the Rule of One Hundred into play, take the number one hundred and subtract it by the age of the retiree. For example, if a retiree is seventy years old, no more than 30% of their investment portfolio should be “at risk” in the market. At the age of sixty, no more than 40%. Everything outside the Rule of One Hundred should be tucked away in safe, secure, low-yield investments.

“Old Fogy’s”

The Disease

“Old Fogy’s Disease” is less virulent than “Riskopathy,” but dangerous nonetheless—it is the result of a long lifespan littered with poor financial planning. Those plagued by Old Fogy’s Disease start to run out of money as they continue to age.

The Cure

The only way to combat Old Fogy’s diseases is by creating a guaranteed income stream that is capable of supplementing retirement investments and pensions. With a sustained income stream, money will keep coming in, even if investments fall by the wayside due to changes in the market or economy at large. Guaranteed income streams are particularly advantageous for married couples as they inherently create security for both spouses in the event one or the other passes prematurely.


The Disease

Inflation-itis is famous for sneaking up on retirees. Unlike Riskopathy which can devastate a retirement virtually overnight, Inflation-itis is a slow moving cancer. Generally, it will go completely undetected for years, and during that time it will gradually consume retiree buying power. Retirees who keep significant sums of cash in the bank are particularly at-risk where money earns minimal interest. If that money is only earning 1% to 2% interest per year—very typical rates for most retail banks—and inflation is at 3%, retirees are taking a loss of 2% or 1% respectively on that money every year.

The Cure

A cure is simple though it involves risk, and that risk comes in the form of taking that money from the relative safety of the bank, and putting it into something like the stock market, fixed annuities, certain types of bonds, or fixed-index annuities.

“Nursing Home-atosis”

The Disease

Healthcare is expensive, and nursing homes are extremely expensive. That expense is at the root of “nursing home-atosis”. Retirees who are forced to go into an assisted living facility or nursing home can endure a rapid deterioration of their wealth due to exorbitant costs. Remember—the average nursing home costs about $85,000 per year, so it’s important take precautions to avoid this “disease.”

The Cure

There really isn’t a cure for “Nursing Home-atosis,” only vaccines—prevention and protection through strategic investment. A good health insurance, or long-term care plan is the best course of action, though it does require “approval.” If approval proves difficult, contact Compass Retirement Solutions to learn of alternate options.

Uncle Sam Syndrome

The Disease

Of all the diseases in this list, perhaps none is more common nor devastating than Uncle Sam Syndrome.  With Uncle Sam Syndrome, retirees surrender too much money to the federal government—through taxes, fees, penalties, or some combination thereof.

The Cure

The good news surrounding Uncle Sam Syndrome is that it is readily preventable with strategic financial planning. Consider sinking money into tax-friendly investments like property, a Roth IRA, or a Roth IRA conversion. Those are just a few of the ways to make future income streams tax-free.  

Visit the Doctor

Preventative care is the best way to address financial health concerns, and there’s no better doctor’s office to visit than that of Compass Retirement Solutions. Led by founder and principle advisor Marvin Mitchell can help anyone plan for a retirement that’s ready to combat any unexpected “financial disease.”  To learn more about our solutions, visit our Solutions page or call 314.373.1598 to schedule a consultation.

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