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Reactions to Market Corrections

When the market moves in the wrong direction, investors move as well, but how and how much they move can vary greatly. Some are quick to sell, dumping their investments at the first sign of trouble, while others only batten down the hatches and prepare to hold on while the market pitches and rolls. Of […]

Marvin Mitchell Has the Remedy for Every Financial Disease

Financial diseases are dangerous, and those who’ve already into, or are about to enter into, retirement are especially susceptible to contagion.  These diseases are virulent, aggressive, and deadly to financial health… …But not incurable. For those looking to vaccinate themselves against financial misfortune, Compass Retirement Solutions is ready and willing to provide treatment.   “Riskopathy” […]

Four Dangerous Retirement Assumptions

Planning for retirement is important but it isn’t easy, and making the wrong assumption about what’s best or how a particular strategy will pan out can be extremely risky.   Why?—because assumptions lead to decisions, and some decisions are simply irreversible. So before making any assumptions about retirement, be sure to evaluate all the potential […]

Seven Financial Areas to Review Annually

Planning for retirement requires a substantial amount of long-term planning. For many people, that means thinking about their financial future in concentrated doses. We might take a hard look at our finances when we make significant decisions such as buying a home, purchasing insurance or paying our taxes, but most of the time we are […]